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"An exploration of the landscape of the human mind, body and soul as it balances itself with the strength and vulnerability of nature."

As an artist, Spriha likes to create art that is timeless…that flows and touches your soul.

Organic forms brought onto canvas through mixed media holds an exciting and challenging world for her that she continues to explore with each passing day. Her subject varies from Nature to the abstract ... any form that makes a relationship with her through its color, flow and textures inspires her to bring it out on canvas.  Her creative process involves repurposing found objects and giving them a second life. She uses different gel mediums with acrylic paints layered sometimes with different materials giving an almost three-dimensional textured feel to the pieces. Products like tissue paper, old magazines, bark of a tree, flowers, leaves, cheesecloth, handmade paper and even packaging material all find their way into most of the pieces she creates.  For her, the life cycle of nature is enthralling and she takes it upon herself to in some way continue that cycle through her paintings. 


Spriha likes to create a conversation between colors and textures creating an abstract space that pushes your mind to rethink the normal and look within. Her work tries to remind us of the beauty that lies within each one of us. She creates to express that urgent need to realize that Nature is a gift. Nature and colors know no boundaries. They flow from one space to another regardless of manmade walls. Art is eternal and in this ever-changing world it gives one comfort and a belief that all is not lost. She's a person seeking inner fulfillment through her art and if her art can bring a smile or touch a soul, she feels she has been able to spread some joy in a world of daily strife and sadness for so many. She hopes to one day create art through textures that can be touched and experienced by the blind.

Currently, Spriha works out of her studio at Princeton Makes, an artist cooperative in Princeton. You can view her work at her studio between 10-6 pm from Thursdays to Sunday. She can be seen doing what she loves the most...creating art  in her studio on Thursdays. Please reach out to her via email to set up appointments regarding any questions about her work.


2020: Mixed Media and Composition under Donna Payton, Arts Council of Princeton, NJ

2018: Encaustic Workshop, Lorraine Glessner, Hunterdon Art Museum, NJ

2018: Water Colors under Barbara Di Lorenzo, Arts Council of Princeton, Princeton, NJ

2016: Drawing and Painting under Charles David Viera, Arts Council of Princeton, Princeton, NJ               
2012: Certification in Interior Design, Delaware College of Art and Design, Wilmington, DE
1995: M.A. English Literature, South Campus, Delhi University, India
1992: B.A. English Literature, Lady Sri Ram, New Delhi, India 


2017:      First Place, Trenton Artworks Juried Member Show

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