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Visual Perspectives Interview Series

Hosted by Spriha Gupta for Vibrnz

An initiative by Vibrnz, a digital platform for the arts, to help art enthusiasts and people in general develop an appreciation for visual arts. The visual arts include art forms such as painting, drawing, arts & crafts, photography and more. COVID had a devastating impact on this space. On a positive note, many artists and arts organizations adapted themselves to the new digital world to minimize the impact. The series is hosted by Spriha Gupta, a professional artist who is excited to be part of this initiative and make an attempt to reduce the gap between the artists and the art enthusiasts.

Interview with Donna Payton

Visual Perspective - Donna Payton.jpg

Interview with Haley Manchon

Visual Perspectives - Haley Manchon.jpg

Interview with Barbara DiLorenzo

Visual Perspectives - Barbara DiLorenzo.

Interview with Aylin Green 

Flyer with Aylin.jpeg
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